'Make Your Own Ramen Cart in Minecraft! (EASY Build Tutorial)'

'Make Your Own Ramen Cart in Minecraft! (EASY Build Tutorial)'
12:51 Feb 26, 2022
'Make Your Own Ramen Cart in Minecraft! In this tutorial, I\'ll show you how to make a super easy ramen noodle cart in Minecraft! This street ramen shop is perfect to add to any Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc., city roadside or build it as a stand or stall in a festival. It features storage space, a smoking stove, a pot of noodles, and several decorative banners. Let\'s make some ramen!  To build the Ramen Cart, you will need: 1 Oak Plank 1 Light Gray Carpet 1 Campfire 1 Smoker 1 Barrel 1 Composter 1 Dead Coral Fan 1 Birch Sign 2 Grindstones 2 Flower Pots 2 Lanterns 2 Birch Fences 2 Birch Fence Gates 2 Black Banners 7 Scaffolding 7 Red Carpet 7 Birch Trapdoors 8 Red Banners 9 Oak Stairs 9 Spruce Fences 11 Oak Slabs 11 Spruce Slabs 12 Spruce Stairs 31 Spruce Trapdoors Red, White, Yellow, and Brown Dye  Shaders used: BSL Shaders Resource Pack: Vanilla PBR  #TheBlackBeltPanda #MinecraftTutorial #RamenCart  

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