'10 Tips To Care Guppy Fry | How To Arise Your Guppy Fry'

'10 Tips To Care Guppy Fry | How To Arise Your Guppy Fry'
05:15 Feb 11
'In this video, we will show you , 10 Tips To Grow guppy Fry The Video will help you with Basic Guppy Fry Care Information. 1.Create a strain-free atmosphere It is very important fact that the stress causes dying of mature fish, not the small fry. You may help them by introducing a few artificial or live plants and rock in the fry tank. Your fry must be separated from different fish or mature guppies.  2.Give them lots of free space For fry to grow faster, the most largest key is to have a large room for them that can they move properly.Less water space for every fish will build up the waste faster, and the water may get dirty.  3.Get the proper temperature Tropical fry like guppy fry requires temperature of 74 -82 degree F to avoid fungal diseases and preserve consistent increase. If you do not have a heater, it is notably recommended to get one.  4.Proper Feeding Feed the fry high energize, rich, balanced food minimum three times in a day in small amounts. Don\'t overfeed your fry. You can feed them crushed flakes, egg yolks, baby brine shrimp which promotes faster growth. Don\'t feed them live worms.  5. Provide light. This is necessary for the plants and very good for the fry\'s hiding places. Also the light will keep the fry active and will keep them away from getting infections from any disease.  6.Remember aeration.  Oxygen is obvious needed for fish survival.If there\'s any disturbance you can also add an air stone into the tank. Good aerated condition promotes the fry and avoids the sickness from the fry which assist them to survive in a maximum range.    7.Proper Filteration You can use sponge filter,because other types cause harm to these tiny creatures. Strong flow or suction can destroy the fins of fry and in extreme cases lead to their death. Using a filter for fry tank is not very necessary because they will do well without it.  8.clean the tank frequently. A change of water is recommended every week unless it is a planted or very large tank. For large tanks, do a partial water change every 15-20 days. Scoop out water slowly and make sure you\'re not taking out any fry before dumping the water.  9. Look out for their health/ fitness. Make sure you do not find any fry constantly at the bottom of tank; this indicates unhealthy water or poor water conditions.  10.Take out the dead fry Take out the dead fry as soon as possible to avoid infections.  Diseased fry have a very low chance of surviving. Remove any sick fry immediately. Do not medicate a tank with fry in it.       For Subscribe To My Channel  click on this link below, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv9pqcu3Fnqaq6HIS4byIew?sub_confirmation=1 if you like my video, please SUBSCRIBE ,  LIKE  and SHARE , I\'m very gratefull.. Thank you for watching...' 

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